(Website Maintenance)

Keeping your website up to date, secure and running well

Is your website up to date? Do you have any security vulnerabilities?  Is your site performing as well as it could?

A properly maintained website ensures your customers have the best experience possible and can even improve your SEO ranking. Not only that, but keeping things updated means a lower chance of hacking, malware or failures when you least expect it.

Our webcare services take care of all the technical details such as updates, performance and security so you can focus on running your business.


Updating plugins on a regular basis is key to a healthy website. Just like doing regular maintenance on your vehicle keeps it running smoothly, the same applies to your website!


We manually check your site after any maintenance to make sure that updates haven't caused any unexpected consequences.


All websites on webcare get regular security scans for any vulnerabilities or malware and the results are reported on every monthly report.


Did you make a change that affected the speed of your site or impacted the user experience? Performance scans are done weekly to make sure things are running smoothly at all times.

Looking for monthly website maintenance services?