What You Get By Hiring Us

We are dedicated to helping you grow your business and we specialize in assisting local small businesses in the West Niagara area.  We have experienced design and marketing teams to build you a beautiful, professional and effective website and extensive experience with local SEO (search engine optimization) to put your business on the map. 







Some of Our Recent Favourites

Cyntia was looking for a refresh on her existing website to breathe new life into her business and bring a focus to her food photography sessions.

We worked together to present her work in an inviting and professional way and highlight her amazing photography with a commercial focus.

Brazclean was looking to refresh their old website that was built with YellowPages. This provided an opportunity to also streamline their offerings and provide a more simple and straightforward, easy to navigate experience to their site visitors.

We were able to highlight their 2 locations effectively with one website and still have the details of each easily available, as well as included for SEO purposes.

Ontario Craft Wineries had an issue with their old site and were unable to update it with new information as needed.

They determined that they were also in need of a facelift for their 5+ year old site that no longer represented their organization in the best light.

A new site was created together to provide a better visitor experience, as well as to more closely align with their annual conference website.


The Lincoln Chamber approached us for help with their website to address some design and functionality issues, and to make the site more user friendly and modern.

We were able to reuse most of their existing content but revamped the layout to streamline the site from over 100 pages on the old site to only 30 for the new one.

This will make it a lot easier to edit and update their content going forward as well as easier for users to navigate!

This local restaurant had created a simple website when they first opened, but didn’t have access to update their menu or opening hours, etc. which was causing a poor customer experience.

We created a new site for them that provides full access to easily update their menu and all other details on the site. 

As an added bonus, we were able to include some of their newer, delectable images to showcase their delicious food!

Keizer Contracting was rebranding after relaunching their family business.  They wanted a new look that represented their business and showcased their work.

A one page website provided just what they were looking for and they will be able to expand the site as they get more content over the years.

While they had been working the business for a while, they didn’t see the need for a website until recently.  Heart of the Home wanted something to represent their unique approach and that helped their business shine online.

Together, we created a site that helps visitors see what they offer and how they help their clients with their goals.

Always a pleasure working with other small business owners to help them bring their business too life on the web!

Building a new website for a business is always a process.  Guiding and working through this process is hard work, but also very rewarding!

After starting with some ideas, we worked together to bring this website to life and ended up with the result that has brought clarity to the owner and a great online presence as well.

Mulberry Coffeehouse was looking to add online ordering options and a coffee subscription to their website.  We created an online shopping option as well as a new look for their website that really brings out their personality.

Visitors can now purchase their favourite coffee on a monthly subscription and have it delivered right to their door each month.

Integrating their IG feed also keeps things fresh and up to date for visitors.

Starting with her first website on WIX, Cheryl was ready to take her website to the next level with a professional design.

We worked together to build a site that really represents the professionalism of her business and clearly communicates the services that she offers.

She now has an online presence that she is proud to share and show prospective clients.  Her blog feature will help to provide updated content and keywords for SEO to improve her Google rankings over time.

After recently purchasing and updating the interior of their restaurant and their menu, the Emerald Buffet was ready to update their online presence.

We worked together on content, images and the technical design of their site to portray their new image serving international cuisine.  

They also now have a large library of professional images that they can use for their social media, menus and other promotional graphics to share their new image and delicious food with both new and existing customers.

Lorna needed a site to represent her dietitian and yoga practice.  The first step was to get very clear on her offerings and how her packages would be presented.

We also added a recipe section and blog, allowing her to share recipes including their nutritional content!

This was a great starter site to showcase Lorna’s business and provide a professional online presence that is clear, concise and informative.

Hammered Ink is a local company specializing in custom apparel and promotional products.  They too had built their own website previously but they were ready to grow their business and present an updated site that would serve to showcase the unique and personal way that they serve their customers.

Together we strategically put all their amazing ideas into a visually appealing and functional website that showcases their services with a professional and modern look – as a real representation of their company and brand.

Lincoln Community Midwives approached us looking for a fresh and modern website.  They had built their first website in-house and while it had served them well, they were ready to upgrade.  

Together we created a professional but personal site that showcases their business as well as provides important information for prospective and existing clientele.

They are now able to easily update the images and information as needed and the site looks great both on desktop and mobile devices.

Other Portfolio Highlights

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